Line & Length


Brand, Communications, Content, Channel & Commercial 

Defining the challenges, mapping out the way forward and executing plans require experience and expertise.  It’s that simple.

Our experienced team has worked with brands, accounts and products across the globe and can help you define the way forward for your most important assets. Let us walk you, step by step, through the approach needed to ensure a successful pathway to your medium to long-term business objectives. Our approach means that no matter how marketing-savvy you are, you will understand the rationale, approach and outcomes expected from your unique strategy, be it:

  • Brand
  • Communications
  • Content
  • Channel
  • Commercial
  • Or a combination of the above

From the largest corporate entity to the freshest start up or small business, our expertise and breadth of knowledge means that we can identify, define and implement the perfect strategic solution to deliver on your business objectives.

This is all important stuff so let’s get started.


Delivering unique, dynamic, creative and consistent messaging

In an increasingly cluttered media environment, Line & Length can help your business, brand and messages resonate with your target audience, no matter what the channel or touch point. We will work with you to define your communications strategy, its supporting structure and messaging – all of which are critical to your business' marketing success and positive consumer perception.

With a passion for the English language and the written word and deep knowledge of channels and touch points, we can help with:

  • Copywriting – perfect verbiage and tones for your brand messaging, short or long form
  • Content – from planning, to execution through platforms, territories and themes
  • Social Media – creating, curating and executing campaigns across popular platforms
  • Database Engagement – from eDms, to top level CRM strategy
  • Website Content – Adwords, Google ranking effectiveness

In fact, Line & Length can help you do anything from determining the correct channels, assessing and aligning touch points, but our expertise lies in creating communications and content that stands out – and really connects you with your target audience.

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Bringing your brand in to the real world - where your audience lives

In a digital age, we understand the potential impact of experience on your audience and its capability to transform behaviour. Our team have worked with business and brands to create events and experiences across the globe – from London to Sydney, Dubai to Moscow. Our team’s expertise has been honed delivering:

  • Retail installations – of all shapes and sizes, in domestic and travel retail environments
  • B2C Brand Experiences – from sampling and giveaways to in-store POS, brand ambassadors, live events and path-to-purchase journeys
  • B2B Brand Experiences – trade shows and expositions, staff training programs and brand ambassador training
  • End to End Brand Experiences – implementing brand solutions across the consumer/fan experience in public spaces from shopping centres to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Our team’s pedigree in the space, has been earned working with brands such as Carlton United Breweries, Bacardi, Coca Cola, Cricket Australia, The Australian Football League, The Melbourne Cricket Ground, British American Tobacco, Goodman Fielder, Energy Australia, Vodafone.

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We produce consistent, creative and high quality results for your brand

Create, craft and build smart.  That’s our approach to delivering impactful and unique creative and design solutions from concept development through to execution – across a range of channels, media and touch points. Whether it’s a fresh new creative challenge that requires some late night, coffee-fuelled brainstorming or print ready packaging or assets, we have you covered.

At Line & Length, our team have extensive experience in:

  • Brainstorming & Ideation – workshops, scamps and thought starters for logos and campaigns
  • Ready-to-Go Design – whether print-ready packaging and 2D artwork, to static or animated digital assets
  • Corporate/Brand Guidelines – from simple guides, to comprehensive manifestos
  • Print Solutions - print offset, digital and large format, design and sustainable option

Come on, test our design and creative team to see what they can come up with. 


Taking your brand to market and making it grow

Even the best ideas, products or services in the world need to be nurtured, crafted and represented correctly, or they risk falling back to the pack – where price and advertising spend can often determine the winners and losers.

At Line & Length, we bring global and local experience in brand management to businesses of all sizes, adapting the pillars of our approach to deliver success across industries, categories and businesses of all sizes. Whether your brand is yet to launch, battling for market share, or suffering at the hands of its competitors, we offer:

  • Consultation – advice on how to manage your brand, end-to-end for your objectives
  • Positioning – an exhaustive, yet highly efficient process that builds a solid foundation
  • Management – agency and supplier management, to ensure consistency and optimal partnerships
  • Creative – brand and product extensions, new asset creation and management
  • Campaign Management – liaising with key partners and suppliers, ensuring optimal execution

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Unique, engaging and impactful copywriting - that gives your brand the edge

At Line & Length, we have a passion for language and an understanding of its intricacies that allows us to perfectly temper tone, personality and content in order to maximise message delivery. We proudly and confidently push boundaries, meaning each client receives word perfect copy each and every time. 

Our services cover:

  • Engaging social content
  • Articles, brochures and books
  • PR & Media Releases
  • Blogs that inspire further reading
  • Web copy that delivers
  • eDM campaigns worth clicking on
  • Speech writing making you sound your best

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